What is the difference between a traditional massage session and a Hendrickson Method® Session?
Hendrickson Method® therapists effectively treat chronic and acutely painful conditions in a way that is profoundly effective. While spa massages can be very relaxing, spa therapists are typically not trained to assess and treat painful, injured areas or chronic problems in muscles and joints.

How many sessions will I need?
Depending on what type of pain and how long you have been in pain, will determine how many sessions you need. Typically it is 4 to 6 sessions with a re-evaluation at 4 weeks.

How long is the session?
Sessions can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Can I be referred by an chiropractor, orthopedic specialist, or physical therapist?
KM Bodyworks will accept referrals from any chiropractor, orthopedic specialist or physical therapist. We are happy to work in conjunction with other health care providers.

How should I dress for a session?
Sessions are done with patients fully clothed and without the use of oil. We prefer our clients wear loose, comfortable clothing to their sessions.

Bodywork is more than a is a necessity to maintain your health and mental well being.